Frequently Asked Questions


    • Do you do custom designs?
      • Yes, you may fill up this form to get a quote for your designs

    Order Quantity

    • What's your minimum order quantity?
      • Our minimum order quantity is 50 pcs per style (can be a mix of different colors and sizes)
      • Do you have discounts for larger orders?
        • If you want a cheaper option we also have lower rates with a minimum of 100 pcs per style


      • Can you provide fabric for us?
        • Yes, we will be launching a fabric gallery that you can purchase from by September 2020. This includes linen, woven cotton, cotton twill, and other assorted deadstock fabrics.
      • Can I provide my own fabric?
        • Yes, you are encouraged to provide your own fabrics.
      • Do you provide the thread?
        • Yes, this is included in our service fees.
      • Do you provide the trimmings (buttons, zippers, etc.)?
        • No, the clients must provide the trimmings in order to ensure the quality that you would like.
        • However, we will be releasing a catalog of trimmings that you may purchase from us as well.
      • How do I know how much fabric I need to buy?
        • We can provide you with an estimated yardage for your designs.


      • What is the base pattern making price in your quotation?
        • This is the fee we charge to create a custom pattern (one size) from your design.
      • Do I get to keep the pattern?
        • You may keep the pattern after your first batch of orders.
      • Can I provide my own pattern?
        • Yes, you send a hardcopy of your pattern.
        • If your pattern is digital, you may send us a softcopy but we have an additional charge for printing and assembling the pattern.
      • Are my designs exclusive to me?
        • Yes, we do not use your patterns for other clients.
        • However, if your design was taken from the internet/Pinterest please expect similar designs from other clients.
        • If a client submits a similar design, we will still proceed with production.
      • Do I need to provide the measurements?
        • You may provide your own specific measurements for the garments. Accuracy is +/- 1/4 inch
        • You may also choose from our standard sizes. The base pattern can be the size of your choice (XS-XL)
      • What is pattern grading?
        • This is when we create additional sizes from your base pattern
        • The fee for this is per additional size


      • Do I need to provide my own fabric for sampling?
        • Yes, you may either send us your own fabric or purchase from our fabric library
        • All extra fabric and scraps will be returned when the sample is turned over to you
      • Can we revise after the sample?
        • If you provided your own garment measurements:
          • Revisions are free if we were not able to follow the measurements you indicated
          • Minor revisions (shortening the hem/sleeves, lower neckline, adding belt loops/belt), will just be charged a small fee
          • Major revisions (longer/larger sizes) may be subject to another sampling fee
        • If you chose a standard sizing:
          • All revisions will be charged according to the level of revision
      • What happens after sampling?
        • Once the sample is approved, we will require you to send back the approved sample + fabrics + trimmings for production
        • Sample + mass produced garments + leftover materials will be turned over together


      • Are the sample prices for Cut & Sew services standard for all designs?
        • No, these are only sample prices to give you an idea of the prices per garment type
        • We will be providing you with an accurate quote once we have all of the details of your custom design