Ethical Manufacturing

Everyday Ethical Manufacturing is Candid's custom production arm. We provide apparel manufacturing for fashion entrepreneurs looking for an ethical and professional partner.

Our goal isn't to become the biggest ethical fashion brand, but to make ethical fashion the norm. This is only possible through collaboration with other sustainable fashion entrepreneurs.


Episode 1: A Living Wage

Driven by the idea that sustainability isn't just about the methods of production, but about the people behind the production. At Everyday Ethical, our priority is to provide our team of garment workers a living wage.

Episode 2: Development Program

The aim of these programs is to empower each member of our team to become more entrepreneurial, to hone their leadership skills, and to make smarter financial decisions.

Episode 3: Job Assitance and Support

In 2020 many garment workers were displaced and left without jobs. Our response was driven by the stories shared by our partner garment workers and their families. Find out how we were able to hurdle through the challenge and provide jobs to these garment workers and even local riders in the community.

Episode 4: Sustainable Production

In this episode we talk about our sustainable practices in terms of garment production and packaging. Our sustainability practice is not perfect, but we are always open to learn and find new ways to improve.